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Testimonials from clients Past and Present

Chris - When I had my ignition interlock installed in my car, you were both professional and courteous. And in the 2 years I had it, you guys were awesome every time I had to go in to get it serviced. I was grateful to have the ability to drive again after having gotten a DUI back in 2010, and while so much of the process was a pain to deal with legally, at least the customer service I received from you was not! So thanks again , congrats, and good luck on your new venture!

Brandi - You were so awesome to work with! You definitely made the whole process much less painlful. Btw I have a couple new future interlock owners I will be sending your way.

J - I had to get an interlock installed into my car, and have never been in a similar situation so I was kind of lost. A friend recomended Lifesafer in Everett Wa, and Charles (now Triple C Interlock in Marysville Wa) was the one to help me. He was very friendly, professional and fast. I would highly recommend his services when they are needed!

Kate - Congrats! You were very much the professional and made my interlock experience much less painful. I enjoyed our bs'ing. Best of luck to you!

D - The customer service is convenient and very professional. I would recommend Triple C Interlock to anyone in need of their services.

Dave - I've been working with Charles for almost 3 yrs now and haven't had any issues! He goes above and beyond what he has to do for me always. He is personable with you, rather than treating you like just another customer! I'd recommend him over any other business alike out there! Thanks from a very satisfied customer Dave!!

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